This adjustable gable pediment kit allows seamless installation for a beautiful home accent.
  • Installing the GDB Gingerbread Gable Decoration Kit

    Installation of the GDB Kit with one set of hands and one screwgun. It really is that easy :)

  • Adjustable PVC Gingerbread Gable Trim Kit - GDBKIT

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    Gable pediment scrollwork in the style of Gingerbread Decoration GBD, delivered as an adjustable three-piece kit.


    Easy Installation, Lifetime Endurance

    PVC gable trim is a low-effort, high-impact accent that delivers a consistent appeal for the life of your property.

    • Installs with basic carpentry tools.
    • Lasts for decades longer than wooden gingerbread trim.
    • Dramatic visual impact for minimal effort and investment.