Gable Trim FAQ

Why PVC or Polyurethane?

The short answer is that wood is a terrible material for gable accents. No matter what kind of wood it is, or how well you prime and paint it, that material will start to deteriorate on day one. If any moisture gets into the wood, it will swell, warp, and crack its protective covering of paint. Decay will quickly follow.

This maintenance commitment is both expensive and inevitably doomed. Why go through with that, when better options are available?

When we carve a piece from PVC, or mold it from polyurethane resin, the result is essentially permanent. UV-resistant and factory-primed, our architectural details remain sharp and hold their value for decades between repainting - and literally cannot rot and fall apart, like wooden trim.

Can These Products Be Painted?

Absolutely. Any high-quality exterior acrylic latex paint will work, and will last far longer than when painted on wood.

Paint fails on wooden elements when the wood swells and warps due to absorption of moisture. This cracks the coating of paint, allowing more moisture to enter and accelerating the cycle of damage. Our products do not absorb water, greatly extending the life of your paint job.

What Maintenance is Required to Keep Up My Gable Trim?

Nothing, really, until the paint wears out. This could be forty years or more, with exterior latex paint.

How Do I Install My Gable Decoration?

Our pieces are generally very easy to install - just lift them into place and secure them with exterior wood screws.

To reduce shipping and crating costs, some of our larger gable pediments are shipped in two or three pieces. Reassembly is simple, with all the pieces precut, pre-drilled, and ready to assemble.

Is Shipping Really Free?

Yes, anywhere within the continental US.

What's Your Average Turnaround Time?

Stock orders are ready to ship within a week of placing your order. Custom orders are typically ready within two weeks, but more elaborate projects could take longer.

What Customization Options Are There?

Where specified in the product listing, you can pick the right dimensions and roof pitch for your project without placing a custom order. For anything else - longer panels, odd roof pitches, or custom designs - please contact us.