About us

PVC Millwork is a family-owned gable trim and millwork manufacturer located in Grand Rapids, MI. Over the past thirty years, we've grown from an independent family workshop into a 30,000 square foot, high-tech manufacturing facility - growth fueled by our reputation for craftsmanship and the enduring quality of our PVC and polyurethane home accents.

This year, we're taking our business online and selling directly to contractors and DIY homeowners everywhere in the US.

Why Gable Trim?

Gable decorations - whether trim, accents, or full-sized gable pediments - are some of the highest-impact architectural details you can add to a home. Properly selected, they become the aesthetic focal point of your design and impact the style and curb appeal of a property as few elements can.

That said, few elements can detract from the appeal of a home more than poorly maintained wooden gable accents. Rather than commit to an endless cycle of maintenance, painting, and replacement, many homeowners and builders simply tear them off during renovation and never look back.

Design for Permanent Impact

Our millwork is fabricated from lightweight, no-maintenance PVC and polyurethane and will never warp, crack, peel, or rot. This reopens whole styles of architectural design which fell out of favor due to expensive materials, maintenance, and installation - who wants to pay to repaint their gingerbreading every year?

Gable trim and decorations from PVC Millwork are more affordable, easier to install, and maintain their appeal for decades.

Custom Trim, Signs, and Accents

Anything you see here in our shop can be customized to fit your ideal design. Contact us for alterations and custom orders.