Add a dramatic focal point to your renovation or remodeling projects with this wood grain-finished Craftsman gable decoration.

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Stainable Wood Grain Polyurethane Craftsman Gable Decoration - GD667

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Need custom millwork?

The perfect accent to a Craftsman-style curb appeal update, this polyurethane gable decoration will look brand new for decades longer than comparable wooden elements.

  • Made from PVC for enduring quality.
  • Woodgrain finish for an authentic Craftsman style.
  • Simple installation with basic contracting tools.

No-Maintenance PVC Gable Trim

This gable decoration is made from closed-cell polyurethane, which resists moisture and weathering. PVC architectural elements will not rot, warp, crack, or peel, eliminating the need for maintenance when properly installed.

Please note: All Gable Decorations can be custom-sized for any pitch. If you'd like a size that is not listed, let us know what size you're after and we can give you pricing.


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