Decorative Gingerbread Trim and Molding Design Ideas

In the illustrious world of roof and gable pediments, gingerbread trim is at the top of the design spectrum, and what’s even more exciting about gingerbread trim is that it comes in a variety of different styles and patterns, essentially becoming a category within itself. Before we dive into the many types of gingerbread trim, let’s take a moment to briefly discuss what gingerbread trim is and how to install it.

Introducing Gingerbread Gable Trim and Molding

Gingerbread gable trim is inspired by Victorian-style scrollwork. The patterns used in this style of decorative pediment often include circles, swirls and bisecting lines. Designers also often play with line thickness to create additional contrast, and the results are astounding!

This brick home has white gingerbread trim, blue shutters, a wooden door and a front porch.


Due to the intricacy of the patterns and fretwork, gingerbread gable decorations require a high level of craftsmanship and high-quality materials. As long as you get them from a manufacturer you can trust and that’s known for using durable and weather-resistant materials, you’re on your way to creating design success!

How to Use Gingerbread Trim to Elevate Your Home’s Design

Gingerbread trim is a rare gable accent that adds a bit of whimsy to the exterior of your home, and because it’s based on Victorian-styled designs, it also adds a level of luxury. In addition, there’s a certain artistic quality to the workmanship, which ultimately aids in boosting your home’s curb appeal and overall design aesthetic.

To get the most of your gingerbread trim, you should install it at the peak of your gable, right where the two roof pitches meet. If you have more than one gable on your home, even better! Just remember to use complementary or matching gingerbread styles on each gable, so you don’t accidentally overwhelm the design.

How to Install Gingerbread Gable Trim

If you’re not familiar with installing gable trim, you’re in luck! While many home improvement projects can be overwhelming, the installation process for gable decorations is relatively simple.

This light green home has white gingerbread trim on its exterior design.


Here are three simple steps you should follow to install gingerbread trim on your home:

Step 1. Attach the Center Post to the Gable

First, you’re going to attach the center post to your gable. You should install this at the
centermost point of the roof, where the two pitches intersect. Use a level to ensure the gable post is straight before moving to the next step.

The center post will serve as the anchor for the entire decoration. If this piece isn’t secured properly or perfectly level, it can throw off the entire installation.

Step 2. Attach One Side

Attach the gingerbread trim to the center post and the roof pitch, starting with either the right or left side. Use your cordless drill to attach the trim to both sections securely. If you measured your gable correctly and ordered the corresponding accent, everything should fit snugly in place.

Step 3. Repeat On the Other Side

Once you’ve attached one side, it’s time to repeat that step on the next side. Attach the gingerbread trim to the center post and the roof, keeping the pieces in place. If your pieces don’t feel secure or there are gaps, you may need to loosen one of the sides or re-measure your gable.

4 Design Examples for Gingerbread Gable Trim

If you’d like to learn more about the different types of gingerbread gable trim, then keep reading! Here are four different patterns and styles of gingerbread trim you can install on your home.

1. Intricate Customized Patterns

This is a close-up image of white gingerbread gable trim.

Here’s a perfect example of customized gingerbread gable trim. This pattern is minimal in some places and incredibly intricate in others to create a beautiful design that draws your attention and adds luxury and whimsy to this home’s exterior.

2. Minimalistic Patterns

This is a close-up image of white gingerbread gable trim with a simplistic design.
This design proves that it doesn’t have to be loud to be beautiful. Though this style of gingerbread gable trim is anything but simple, it somehow possesses a minimalistic quality while retaining the beauty we’ve come to associate with gingerbread styling.

3. Our Flagship Gingerbread Decoration

This is a close-up image of white gingerbread gable trim on a tan home.
This is one of our most popular gingerbread gable accents, and it’s easy to see why. The material is fabricated from high-quality PVC to create a long-lasting and beautiful architectural accent. The Flagship gable decoration is the perfect accent to gingerbread fretwork and trim. Together, they add the whimsy of Victorian craftsmanship to any renovation or improvement project.

4. Elaborate Gingerbread Fretwork

This is a close-up image of white gingerbread gable trim on a yellow home.
Fabricated from durable and high-quality PVC, the Deluxe PVC Gingerbread Gable is both elaborate and beautiful. No matter where you look, the craftsmanship that goes into this style of gingerbread gable trim is evident. Adding whimsical Gingerbread accents to your projects will ensure sharp detail and an appealing finish for decades to come.

Elevate the Look of Your Home with PVC Millwork’s Gingerbread Gable Trim

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