4 Exterior Options for Gingerbread House Trim

Gingerbread House Trim

When it comes to exterior home design, there’s nothing more fun than choosing the decorative accents for your roof, trim, porch, windows, doors and siding. When it comes to decorative elements, you won’t find anything more luxurious and elegant than gingerbread style house trim, pediments and accents.

This intricately sculpted design element is ideal for adding a touch of flair and drawing immediate attention. It comes in many different types, styles, colors and patterns, making it a diverse feature that can complement any aesthetic.

A Comprehensive Guide to Gingerbread House Trim

Gingerbread house trim is heavily inspired by Victorian-style scrollwork. It typically consists of swirls, circles, bisecting lines and other geometric-style patterns.

When designing gingerbread trim, designers emphasize symmetry, consistency and varying degrees of thickness to keep the design interesting.

The intricacy that goes into these designs makes them incredibly difficult to craft, and they require a high level of workmanship. It takes experience and a deep understanding of the gingerbread-style to create something worthwhile.

Using Gingerbread House Trim on Your Home

Gingerbread trim has a bit of flair, sophistication and whimsy, and it creates beautiful focal points that draw the attention of anyone passing or visiting your home. The patterns require high-level craftsmanship and artistry to recreate, and gingerbread styling also adds a great deal of curb appeal.

The Victorian scrollwork may inspire gingerbread trim, but that doesn’t mean it’s only compatible with a Victorian-style home. In fact, gingerbread trim is aesthetically pleasing in several styles, including most contemporary and modern home aesthetics.

The Different Types of Gingerbread House Trim

The Different Types of Gingerbread House Trim

To get the most out of gingerbread trim, you should install it in the areas that make the most sense. The goal is to draw focus without it seeming overdesigned or distracting. You can install it along gables, above columns, around windows and doors and along the roof’s edge.

Of course, those aren’t the only choices you have to make. When working with gingerbread trim, there are six different types of gingerbread gable accents to choose from, and each one serves a unique purpose:

  1. Gingerbread Post Brackets – Post brackets are L-shaped or right-angle brackets installed at the tops of columns that span the area between the column and the roof.
  2. Gingerbread Corbels – Corbels are similar to post brackets, except they’re thicker with matching widths and depths.
  3. Gingerbread Running Trim – Running trim is typically installed along the entire edge of the roof and gable.
  4. Gingerbread Eave Decorations – Eave decorations are similar to gable pediments. They are installed where the two roof pitches meet within the gable.
  5. Gingerbread Spandrels – Spandrels are decorative elements that run horizontally along the roof’s edge, typically comprising enclosed parallel bars.
  6. Gingerbread Balusters – Balusters are vertical, molded bars or shafts that are placed along the edge of staircases, decks and porches.

4 Inspiring Gingerbread Trim Design Options

If you’d like to install gingerbread house trim on your home but aren’t sure how to get started, you’re in luck! Here are four gingerbread trim design examples to help inspire you.

1. Luxury Styling for a Classic Home

Luxury Styling for a Classic Home


This classically-styled home used gingerbread trim and accents to perfection. The interconnecting gingerbread above the front porch and the trim along the edge of the gable create a stunning juxtaposition. This example proves that you can use two different trim patterns as long as they complement each other.

2. Keeping it Simple and Beautiful

Keeping it Simple and Beautiful
The designer of this home understood the power of simplicity. There are no outrageous colors or exaggerated accents used on this home. The simple use of gingerbread post brackets and spandrels between the columns and along the roof creates a beautiful home design that would impress any guest.

3. Complementary Patterns and Unique Styling

Complementary Patterns and Unique Styling


Much like the first example on this list, this home uses patterns that complement the gingerbread trim to create a unique and beautiful design. The gingerbread post brackets used at the top of the columns and the spandrels along the edge of the roof are works of pure craftsmanship. Plus, they go perfectly with the design accents used in the gable.

4. Intricately Designed Gingerbread

Intricately Designed Gingerbread

If you’re looking for a way to create a luxurious home with a ton of wow factor and a lot of gingerbread styling, look no further than this incredible home. Everything from the gingerbread trim along the roof to the gingerbread balusters creates an awe-inspiring design. As a result, this home screams personality and high-end luxury.

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