11 Craftsman Style Exterior Window Trim Ideas

Popularized in the early 20th century, the look of a Craftsman-style home is warm and inviting. Custom woodwork and luxury wood furnishings often define it, using natural materials to create a classic American design. Common exterior features include low-pitched gables, a covered front porch, tapered columns and top-sash window grids.

A simple way to accentuate these defining Craftsman-style features is to include custom window trim or a decorative gable accent. Both of these exterior elements can perfectly elevate the design aesthetic and add an extra level of warmth and distinction.

Here are 11 Craftsman-style exterior window trim design ideas to inspire your next home improvement project:

1. Black Windows and White Trim Accents

This two-story home has brick siding with four pillars on the front porch.


The designer of this Craftsman-style home used a narrow white window casing and dental trim accents to set off a black-framed windows, which creates a deep contrast and makes the windows dramatically pop.

This is a distinct style that offers subtle era influence while still allowing the tapered columns and front door sufficient contrast. While there are many awe-worthy moments in this design, your eyes are inexplicably drawn to the simplicity of even lines that surround and define the windows. 

2. Simple Trim and Dark-Hued Brackets

This Craftsman-style home has various types of siding. The front porch has two chairs and a green plant on it.


Similar to the first exterior, the designer of this Craftsman-style home took a clean, simple approach with a narrow, white trim to accent dark bronze window frames, creating a serene contrast. The same style of window trim is a design choice carried across the front door and garage. For added visual punch, brown-hued brackets were incorporated into the upper and lower gables to complement the lighter brown shake cladding.

3. Wide Trim Against Dark Woodgrain

This blue home has two pillars on each side of the steps. The front door and the garage door match with a dark wood look.


This Craftsman-style home incorporates a wider window trim style to create a simple yet elegant silhouette. This design choice is also carried into the garage and door frame, lending brilliant contrast and focus to woodgrain doors. For a more subtle element of the overlook, white brackets were installed above at outer columns of the front porch gable.

4. Gable Pediments and Complementary Trim Design

This white home has French doors as the entrance. There is a dog laying on the porch.


The designer of this home had no interest in pulling focus away from the minimalist black windows. Rather, the white window trim is kept to a minimal reveal, blending right into the white-cladded walls. This allows the eye to be drawn up to where the homeowner clearly spent some time perfecting the shake and gable pediment design aesthetic.

5. Mirrored Trim and Exterior Paneling

This white home has French doors as the entrance. There is a dog laying on the porch.


The trim applied to the first- and second-floor windows of this home creates a dual-framed visual effect that is quite pleasing to the eye. This mirrored effect pairs well in tandem with the subtly darker-hued cream board and batten siding. Plus, it’s impossible not to notice the stunning gable pediment situated above the front door, which completes the entire look.

6. Sophisticated Window Trim and Subtle Brackets

This two-story home has green, brown and stone siding with white trim.


This home is the first example on this list of a window trim that wants to take up space. Notice the more stylized, dual matching designs above the second-floor windows, aligned symmetrically with the dark-hued brackets set within the gables above. This is an ideal example of geometry and architecture in harmony.

7. Multi-Dimensional Window Trim

This blue home has a porch with wood floors and two Adirondack chairs.


You can tell that the designer of this Craftsman-style home values elegance over flash. The portrait-style window trim offers a neatly framed look, where the sides are minimal and the top and bottom flair out. This adds a subtle level of sophisticated dimension to the front porch, making an inviting backdrop for relaxing on a warm spring day.

8. Stark Angles and White Brackets

his two-story home has brown siding with white trim. There are two rocking chairs on the front porch.


Here at PVC Millwork, we love a unique use of stark lines and simple design accents, which is precisely what you get with this window trim design. There are no gimmicks or tricks, but the hard lines above the windows create distinct angles that add a touch of sophistication. The white bracket used in the front porch gable adds singular focus and works in unison with the wrapped, tapered columns.

9. Vertical Trim Lines and Bracket Accents

This three-story home has tan siding with white trim. There is a large front porch that wraps around the home.


The window trim pictured on this home is a bit wider and more straightforward than many of the prior examples. This bolder design creates adequate balance against the numerous tapered columns that wrap the span of the porch. This home is adorned by custom fabricated PVC accents that utilize parallel, vertical lines and brackets to create a stunning Craftsman-style home exterior.

10. Modern Minimalist

This home has tan and stone siding with brown shudders. There is a hanging light fixture in front of the brown door.


The owner of this Craftsman-style home achieved the right balance of traditional style and modern sensibilities. Aside from the beautiful stonework and tapered columns, there’s nothing loud or boisterous about this aesthetic. By using simple white-against-white window and trim combinations alongside a blend of warmer hues, they created an inviting home exterior with timeless curb appeal.

11. Stepped Brackets and Matching Trim

This two-story grey home has white trim and a red door. There is an attached garage on the side of the home.


The best developers and home designers know that you need to use colors on the opposite end of the color spectrum to create contrast, and that doesn’t always mean black and white. In this home, the beautiful off-white window trim and brackets are paired with a soft gray siding, creating a warm and approachable backdrop for this classic Craftsman-style exterior look.

Design Your Home with PVC Millwork Accents and Trim

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your Craftsman-style home’s exterior with gorgeous PVC window trim and accents. In fact, there are several benefits to choosing PVC as the material for your window trim, including:

  • Increased Durability
  • Style and Visual Impact
  • UV Resistance
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Insect Resistance
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Flame Retardance
  • No Painting or Staining Required
  • Affordability and Superior Quality

An experienced fabricator can help make your design dreams come true. If you’d like to enhance your home with PVC Millwork’s window trim and gable accessories, check out our extensive in-stock collections or contact us to learn about our custom fabrication capabilities — all made right here in the U.S.